Museums, galleries and cultural organisations

We love working with museums, galleries and cultural organisations. Our broadcast quality productions are used to demonstrate curatorial practices, maximise engagement with collections and to provide captivating exhibition content.

screen-shot-2015-03-02-at-12-05-40 Film is an excellent means of showcasing innovative curatorial practices and projects, participation and engagement. Our productions provide appealing documentary evidence of new ways of working in museums and galleries; increase the visibility of collections that might otherwise be hidden from view; and our films bring expert voices into play, contextualising exhibits and deepening learning and understanding as exhibition content.

Our collective research expertise – in museology, heritage, visual culture and history – together with industry experience means we understand the needs of museums, galleries and cultural organisations. We help our partners to engage more, and more diverse, audiences in new ways, either on-site or online.

Contact us to talk about how we work with museums, galleries and cultural organisations.