Dunham Massey Women’s Institute

The members of Dunham Massey Women’s Institute received Heritage Lottery Funding to undertake a history project about the experiences and memory of their members over the last ninety years. The group had never undertaken a project like this and we were commissioned to work alongside the members in gathering oral histories from their membership.

Alongside this we produced a longer observational documentary, The Wild Indians: 90 years of Dunham Massey Women’s Institute (17 minutes), interweaving some of those stories, to convey what the Women’s Institute had meant to the different members over the years. The output we produced with the group serves as a lasting legacy of their branch of the WI in their ninetieth year and also as a film suitable for a general audience.

Scope of Professional Services: Observational filmmaking, interviews, editing, training, consultancy and funding bid writing, creating film for a general audience.

Who: Dunham Massey Women’s Institute, funded/supported by The Heritage Lottery Fund