Let’s Talk About Sex

Our film for the LGBT Foundation’s Let’s Talk About Sex heritage project (supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund) was commissioned to commemorate thirty years of grassroots activism around sexual health and HIV prevention in Manchester. The film shares four people’s experiences and responses to the HIV crisis from the 1980s to the present day. These four stories were chosen, in consultation with the project team, from forty five oral testimonies collected for the wider project.

Few historical traces remain to tell this early story of community-led responses to this health crisis. Due to the grassroots nature of activism, the papers, records, ephemera, and photos of the period were rarely collected or preserved. More profoundly, many of the individuals involved are no longer around to share their stories. Making this film, therefore, was a way to preserve heritage and share experiences. Furthermore, we felt that making visible the emotion at the heart of the story was an appropriate response to the profound losses suffered by Manchester’s LGBTQ+ communities in the period.

Our film formed part of the project’s exhibition at Manchester Central Library (Early 2018) and has been screened at engagement events across Greater Manchester.

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Scope of professional services: observational filmmaking, interviews, editing, exhibition films, creating films for general audiences, research.

Who: LGBT Foundation, funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund