Education and universities

We produce engaging media that satisfies the diverse needs of academics and researchers, their institutions, funders, academic audiences and wider publics.

Filmmaking can demonstrably increase the impact of research, enabling wider dissemination of and deeper engagement beyond academia. Film also has advantages over written documentation in evidencing cultural practices as well as participation in research.

Working with Belle Vue has enabled me to evaluate and provide a documentary record of impact at the levels of cultural practice and cultural identity through in-depth interviews with selected workshop participants. This approach allowed more space for critical reflection than other, written forms of evaluation.

– Dr Liam Harte, University of Manchester

A young participant in research on migration at the University of Manchester.

Our individual academic profiles – including museology, cultural engagement and history – and experience in HEI teaching make us ideally placed to partner research projects. We work with our academic partners from the early stages of a project, designing and leading on engagement activities, up to final reporting and evaluation.

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